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Storage-protein variation in wild emmer (Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccoides) from Jordan and Turkey. II. Patterns of allele distribution

Ciaffi, M., Lafiandra, D., Porceddu, E., Benedettelli, S.
Theoretical and applied genetics 1993 v.86 no.4 pp. 518-525
Triticum turgidum, Triticum turgidum subsp. dicoccoides, population genetics, loci, gliadin, glutenins, geographical distribution, alleles, genetic variation, altitude, gene frequency, biochemical polymorphism, Jordan, Turkey (country)
Genetic diversity in the seed storage-proteins encoded at the Glu-A1, Glu-B1 and Gli-B1/Glu-B3 loci was studied electrophoretically in 315 individuals belonging to nine populations of T. dicoccoides from Jordan and three from Turkey. The inter- and intra-population distribution of seed storage-protein alleles at the considered loci and its link with geographical factors were investigated. Population differentiation in seed storage-proteins was in some cases very high with very weak correlations with geographic distance. Greater gene differentiation was found within and between populations which were geographically very close in Jordan than between those from Jordan and Turkey. However the distribution of alleles appeared to be non random. Samples collected from populations at locations over 900 m above sea level were less polymorphic than those collected at lower altitudes (500-700 m), whereas the relative genetic differentiation between populations was greater between those collected at higher altitudes. Seed storage-protein differentiation was significantly correlated with the altitude of the collecting sites. Although it is difficult to point out the selective pressure of altitude per se, altitude can reflect an integration of several environmental parameters. The possible adaptive value of seed storage-proteins is discussed.