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A novel method to scale up fungal endophyte isolations

Melinda Greenfield, Reynaldo Pareja, Viviana Ortiz, María I. Gómez-Jiménez, Fernando E. Vega, Soroush Parsa
Biocontrol science and technology 2015 v.25 no.10 pp. 1208-1212
biological control, containers, endophytes, fungi, leaves, plant tissues, roots, sampling, seedlings, stems
Studies involving fungal endophytes very often rely on surface-sterilisation of plant samples to enable endophyte isolations. However, surface-sterilisation can be very time-consuming, potentially limiting the number of samples processed. To overcome this limitation, a novel method was developed to bulk surface-sterilise multiple plant tissue samples simultaneously and separately. The method relies on 24 perforated Falcon™ tubes, each containing a sample, sequentially transferred through a series of containers holding the sterilants. The samples that can be surface-sterilised using this method include roots, stems and leaves or entire seedlings. This method increased our throughput by a factor of 24 relative to conventional surface-sterilisation methods.