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Migration of fluorochemical paper additives from food-contact paper into foods and food simulants

Begley, T.H., Hsu, W., Noonan, G., Diachenko, G.
Food additives & contaminants 2008 v.25 no.3 pp. 384-390
model food systems, packaging materials, popcorn, packaging materials migration, food packaging, paper, emulsifiers, organofluorine compounds, popping, food contact surfaces, additives
Fluorochemical-treated paper was tested to determine the amount of migration that occurs into foods and food-simulating liquids and the characteristics of the migration. Migration characteristics of fluorochemicals from paper were examined in Miglyol, butter, water, vinegar, water-ethanol solutions, emulsions and pure oil containing small amounts of emulsifiers. Additionally, microwave popcorn and chocolate spread were used to investigate migration. Results indicate that fluorochemicals paper additives do migrate to food during actual package use. For example, we found that microwave popcorn contained 3.2 fluorochemical mg kg-1 popcorn after popping and butter contained 0.1 mg kg-1 after 40 days at 4°C. Tests also indicate that common food-simulating liquids for migration testing and package material evaluation might not provide an accurate indication of the amount of fluorochemical that actually migrates to food. Tests show that oil containing small amounts of an emulsifier can significantly enhance migration of a fluorochemical from paper.