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PlantTFDB: a comprehensive plant transcription factor database

Guo, An-Yuan, Chen, Xin, Gao, Ge, Zhang, He, Zhu, Qi-Hui, Liu, Xiao-Chuan, Zhong, Ying-Fu, Gu, Xiaocheng, He, Kun, Luo, Jingchu
Nucleic acids research 2008 v.36 no.suppl_1 pp. D966
transcription factors, evolution, models, expressed sequence tags, transcription (genetics), gene expression, nucleic acids, sequence homology, databases
Transcription factors (TFs) play key roles in controlling gene expression. Systematic identification and annotation of TFs, followed by construction of TF databases may serve as useful resources for studying the function and evolution of transcription factors. We developed a comprehensive plant transcription factor database PlantTFDB (, which contains 26 402 TFs predicted from 22 species, including five model organisms with available whole genome sequence and 17 plants with available EST sequences. To provide comprehensive information for those putative TFs, we made extensive annotation at both family and gene levels. A brief introduction and key references were presented for each family. Functional domain information and cross-references to various well-known public databases were available for each identified TF. In addition, we predicted putative orthologs of those TFs among the 22 species. PlantTFDB has a simple interface to allow users to search the database by IDs or free texts, to make sequence similarity search against TFs of all or individual species, and to download TF sequences for local analysis.