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Lab-on-valve for the automatic determination of the total content and individual profiles of linear alkylbenzene sulfonates in water samples

Jiménez, José Ruiz, Luque de Castro, María D.
Electrophoresis 2008 v.29 no.3 pp. 590-596
absorption, detection limit, electrophoresis, equipment, sulfonates, surface water, wastes
Methods for the total content and individual determination of linear alkylbenzene sulfonates (LAS) in water samples based on the use of a lab-on-valve (LOV) module alone or coupled to CE equipment, respectively, have been developed. The total content of LAS has been determined by intrinsic absorption measurements (DA method) and after reaction with a methyl orange-cetylpyridine chloride mixture (MO method) with detection limits (LODs) of 21 ng/L and 15 μg/L, respectively, quantification limits (LOQs) of 70 ng/L, 50 μg/L, and development times of 100 and 124 s, respectively. The method for individual separation-quantification of LAS at very low concentration is based on automatic SPE preconcentration in the LOV module coupled on-line with the CE equipment. The LODs and LOQs thus obtained range between 1-21 and 4-70 ng/L, respectively, with linear dynamic ranges from the LOQ to 10 μg/L. Preconcentration factors of 10 000 and high efficiency to eliminate interferents by SPE enable application of the method to treated effluent, waste, surface and sea waters.