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Groundnut consumption frequency in Ghana

Jolly, Curtis M., Awuah, Richard T., Fialor, Simon C., Agyemang, Kwasi O., Kagochi, John M., Binns, Alvin D.
International journal of consumer studies 2008 v.32 no.6 pp. 675-686
birds, education, farmers, income, logit analysis, market segmentation, markets, oils, peanuts, poultry, Ghana
Groundnut (peanut) is an important food and oil crop in Ghana, but little is known about the factors influencing consumption. The study surveyed market participants; investigated the frequency and forms of groundnut consumed; and evaluated the factors influencing consumers' decisions to eat groundnuts in Ghana. About 80% of respondents consume groundnut and/or its products at least once a week and 32.0% consume it three times a week. Logistic models showed that age, education and the form in which groundnuts are consumed influence the frequency of groundnut consumption. Total revenue and the form in which groundnut is eaten influence farmers consumption decision whereas groundnut consumption by poultry farmers is influenced by knowledge of the health effects of groundnuts on birds and the form in which groundnut is eaten by the poultry producers. Processors' frequency of consumption is influenced by the form in which groundnut is consumed and their knowledge of reasons for sorting. The results are important for market segmentation for demand projection along the marketing chain.