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Analysis of the structure and expression of the DIP1 gene in Drosophila melanogaster strains mutant for the flamenco gene

Nefedova, L. N., Potapova, M. V., Romanova, N. I., Kim, A. I.
Russian journal of genetics 2009 v.45 no.2 pp. 177-182
Drosophila melanogaster, complementary DNA, gene expression, genes, imagos, larvae, messenger RNA, mutants, phenotype, reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction, transcription (genetics), transposons
DIP1 gene transcription was analyzed with the use of RT-PCR in three Drosophila melanogaster strains with the flamenco⁻ phenotype (flam SS , flam MS , and flam Ore ) and in one flamenco⁺ strain at the stages of embryos (0-24 h), third-instar larvae, and adult flies. The mutant strains flam SS and flam Ore lack an active copy of transposon gypsy. The flam MS strain was obtained by introducing an active copy of gypsy in flies of the flam SS strain and is characterized by a high rate of gypsy transpositions. The experiments showed that at least five forms of DIP1 gene transcripts are produced. The form of cDNA corresponding to CDS DIP1-d was discovered only in embryos. It was found that DIP1 gene transcription depends on the age of flies: at the larval stage the level of transcription is significantly reduced. However, no reduction of gene transcription is observed in the flam Ore strain. These results suggest that the flamenco⁻ phenotype may be associated with an alteration of DIP1 gene transcription, as in different flamenco⁻ strains the DIP1 gene expression is changed differently.