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New species of rust fungi (Uredinales) from South Africa and new observations on known species

Berndt, Reinhard
Mycological progress 2009 v.8 no.2 pp. 99-114
Galium spurium, Helichrysum, Lycium, Puccinia, Tetragonia, Uredo, Uromyces, Zygophyllum, hosts, new combination, new species, new variety, plant pathogenic fungi, rust diseases, South Africa
Four new species and a new variety of rust fungi (Uredinales) are described from South Africa: Puccinia montis-venenosi on Galium spurium ssp. africanum and G. tomentosum, P. naufraga on Helichrysum sp., Uredo fynbosense on Phylica oleifolia and Ph. buxifolia, Uromyces eclipsis on Zygophyllum morgsana, and Puccinia lycii var. bizonata on Lycium sp. Puccinia austro-africana is proposed as a new combination for P. tetragoniae var. austro-africana on Tetragonia. New observations are presented about already known species: The uredinial stage of Uromyces pentaschistidis is described; Uredo monechmatis is newly reported for South Africa on new hosts and its uredinial morphology is described; a detailed description is provided for the poorly known P. anthospermi; the identity of Uredo zygophylli, U. zygophyllina and Uromyces dinteri is discussed; a key is presented for the known Puccinia species on Helichrysum in South Africa.