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Large scale biomimetic membrane arrays

Hansen, Jesper S., Perry, Mark, Vogel, Jörg, Groth, Jesper S., Vissing, Thomas, Larsen, Marianne S., Geschke, Oliver, Emneús, Jenny, Bohr, Henrik, Nielsen, Claus H.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 2009 v.395 no.3 pp. 719-727
biosensors, carbon dioxide, lipid bilayers, peptides, proteins
To establish planar biomimetic membranes across large scale partition aperture arrays, we created a disposable single-use horizontal chamber design that supports combined optical-electrical measurements. Functional lipid bilayers could easily and efficiently be established across CO₂ laser micro-structured 8 x 8 aperture partition arrays with average aperture diameters of 301 ± 5 μm. We addressed the electro-physical properties of the lipid bilayers established across the micro-structured scaffold arrays by controllable reconstitution of biotechnological and physiological relevant membrane peptides and proteins. Next, we tested the scalability of the biomimetic membrane design by establishing lipid bilayers in rectangular 24 x 24 and hexagonal 24 x 27 aperture arrays, respectively. The results presented show that the design is suitable for further developments of sensitive biosensor assays, and furthermore demonstrate that the design can conveniently be scaled up to support planar lipid bilayers in large square-centimeter partition arrays. [graphic removed]