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Assessment of yield based selection under managed field stress condition for breeding for rice yield improvement under drought

Jain, Abhinav, Balaravi, Padma, Shenoy, Vinay
Biologia 2013 v.68 no.4 pp. 569-576
cultivars, drought, drought tolerance, farmers, genetic background, grain yield, introgression, quantitative trait loci, rice, screening, water stress
The progress in development and dissemination of drought tolerant lines has been slow as compared to the increasing drought prevalence in the rice growing regions. Significant amount of work has been done in the past on drought resistance traits in rice crop, still the benefit of improved drought tolerant rice cultivars reaching the farmer’s field is not very high and ways to expedite the development of drought tolerant and productive rice cultivars needs to be addressed. In this article, an assessment of easily practicable approach of managed stress screening and prospect of direct selection for yield under drought stress is discussed. Also the large effect yield QTLs identified for grain yield under drought stress field conditions is being reviewed for successful introgression into elite genetic background for developing drought tolerant cultivars with improved yield for the drought prone target environment.