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A proposal for standardization in forensic equine DNA typing: allele nomenclature for 17 equine-specific STR loci

van de Goor, L.H.P., Panneman, H., van Haeringen, W.A.
Animal genetics 2010 v.41 no.2 pp. 122-127
DNA, DNA fingerprinting, alleles, forensic sciences, genotyping, homozygosity, horses, loci, sequence analysis
In this study, a proposal is presented for the allele nomenclature of 17 polymorphic STR loci (AHT4, AHT5, ASB2, ASB17, ASB23, CA425, HMS1, HMS2, HMS3, HMS6, HMS7, HTG4, HTG6, HTG7, HTG10, LEX3 and VHL20) for equine genotyping (Equus caballus). The nomenclature is based on sequence data of the polymorphic region of the STR loci as recommended by the DNA commission of the International Society for Forensic Genetics for human DNA typing. For each STR locus, several alleles were selected and animals homozygous for those alleles were subjected to sequence analysis. The alleles of the 17 STR loci consisted either of simple (10), compound (6) or complex repeat patterns (1). Only a limited number of alleles with the same fragment size showed different repeat structures. The allele designation described here was based on the number of repeats, including all variable regions within the amplified fragment.