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Production of pheromone by hairpencil glands of males obtained from interspecific hybridization between Heliothis virescens and H. subflexa (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Teal, P.E.A., Oostendorp, A.
Journal of chemical ecology 1995 v.21 no.1 pp. 59-67
Heliothis virescens, Heliothis subflexa, hybrids, interspecific hybridization, backcrossing, sex pheromones, biological production, genes, phenotype, animal glands, males
Pheromone produced by the hairpencil glands of interspecific hybrid- and backcross-generation males from crosses between Heliothis virescens (F.) with H. subflexa (Gn.) was studied. Males of reciprocal F1 hybrids, all of which had hairpencil glands morphologically similar to those of H. virescens, produced neither the same pheromone blend nor amounts of pheromone that were produced by males of H. virescens. Instead, these hybrid males produced pheromone that was quantitatively and qualitatively similar to that produced by H. subflexa. Hairpencil gland extracts from males obtained from backcrossing F1 females of either cross to males of H. subflexa were the same as those of H. subflexa. However, extracts from backcross males of crosses between F1 females and H. virescens were variable. Some extracts from these backcross males were like those of H. virescens while others were either like H. subflexa or were intermediate between those of the parent species. These results showed that the production of pheromone by the hairpencil glands of hybrid and backcross males is under the dominant regulation of autosomal genes of the H. subflexa genome.