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An EST-SSR marker linked with yellow rust resistance in wheat

Ercan, S., Ertugrul, F., Aydin, Y., Akfirat, F. S., Hasancebi, S., Akan, K., Mert, Z., Bolat, N., Yorgancilar, O., Altinkut-Uncuoglu, A.
Biologia plantarum 2010 v.54 no.4 pp. 691-696
DNA, Triticum aestivum, expressed sequence tags, genetic markers, genotype, hybrids, microsatellite repeats, seedlings, stripe rust, wheat
Expressed sequenced tags containing simple sequence repeats (EST-SSRs) were used to identify molecular markers associated with yellow rust resistance in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). A cross between yellow rust resistant (PI178383) and susceptible (Harmankaya99) wheat genotypes was performed and respective DNA pools from the resistant and susceptible F₂ seedlings were constructed. 78 EST-SSR primers were used for bulked segregant analysis and one EST-SSR marker (Pk54), identified as 200 bp fragment, was present in the resistant parent and resistant F₂ hybrids but not in the susceptible ones. 108 wheat genotypes differing in yellow rust resistance were screened with Pk54 and 68 % of the wheat genotypes, known to be yellow rust resistant, had the Pk54 marker, further suggesting that the presence of this marker correlates with yellow rust resistance.