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A nucleic acid hydrolyzing recombinant antibody confers resistance to curtovirus infection in tobacco

Lee, Gunsup, Shim, Hye-Kyung, Kwon, Myung-Hee, Son, Su-Hwan, Kim, Ki-Yoon, Park, Eul-Yong, Lee, Taek-Kyun, Lee, Woo-Ram, Auh, Chung-Kyoon, Kim, Donggiun, Kim, Yong-Sung, Lee, Sukchan
Plant cell, tissue, and organ culture 2013 v.115 no.2 pp. 179-187
Beet curly top virus, Beet severe curly top virus, Nicotiana tabacum, adverse effects, cytosol, nucleotide sequences, protoplasts, reproduction, single-stranded DNA, tobacco, transgenic plants, viral proteins
A catalytic single chain variable antibody (scFv), 3D8 scFv, which has DNase activities, was functionally expressed in Nicotiana tabacum. The subcellular localization of the GFP-fused 3D8 indicated that the 3D8 protein was expressed in the cytosol of the N. tabacum protoplasts. Progenies of the transgenic tobacco plants exhibited complete resistance against two single stranded (ss) DNA geminiviruses, including the Beet curly top virus and the Beet severe curly top virus, without viral accumulation or disease symptoms. We presented a novel strategy for targeting the viral DNA itself in a sequence non-specific manner, rather than the viral proteins or RNAs, in order to generate virus-resistant transgenic plants. No noticeable adverse effects on the growth and reproduction of the transgenic plants were observed. Our results demonstrated that targeting viral DNA is an effective strategy for protecting plants from ssDNA viruses.