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Dendritic cell-mediated NK cell activation is controlled by Jagged2-Notch interaction

Kijima, Mika, Yamaguchi, Takeshi, Ishifune, Chieko, Maekawa, Yoichi, Koyanagi, Akemi, Yagita, Hideo, Chiba, Shigeru, Kishihara, Kenji, Shimada, Mitsuo, Yasutomo, Koji
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2008 v.105 no.19 pp. 7010-7015
autoimmune diseases, cytokines, cytotoxicity, dendritic cells, immune response, interferon-gamma, mice, natural killer cells, severe combined immunodeficiency
Natural killer (NK) cells regulate various immune responses by exerting cytotoxic activity or secreting cytokines. The interaction of NK cells with dendritic cells (DC) contributes to NK cell-mediated antitumor or antimicrobial responses. However, the cellular and molecular mechanisms for controlling this interaction are largely unknown. Here, we show an involvement of Jagged2-Notch interaction in augmenting NK cell cytotoxicity mediated by DC. Enforced expression of Jagged2 on A20 cells (Jag2-A20 cells) suppressed their growth in vivo, which was abrogated by depleting NK cells. Moreover, Jag2-A20 cells exerted a suppression on the growth of nonmanipulated A20 cells in SCID mice in an NK-dependent manner. Consistently, coinoculation of A20 cells with DC overexpressing Jagged2 (Jag2-DC) suppressed the growth of A20 cells in mice. Stimulation of NK cells with Jagged2 directly enhanced their cytotoxicity, IFN-γ production, and proliferation. Ligation of Notch2 on NK cells enhanced their cytotoxic activity, and Jag2-DC or CpG-treated DC-mediated NK cell cytotoxicity was suppressed by a γ-secretase inhibitor. These results indicate that the Jagged2-Notch axis plays a crucial role in DC-mediated NK cell cytotoxicity. Furthermore, manipulation of this interaction may provide an approach to induce potent tumor immunity or to inhibit certain autoimmune diseases caused by NK cell activation.