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Machine Vision Monitoring for Control of Water Advance in Furrow Irrigation

Lam, Y., Slaughter, D.C., Wallender, W.W., Upadhyaya, S.K.
Transactions of the ASABE 2007 v.50 no.2 pp. 371-378
furrow irrigation, irrigation water, water flow, algorithms, automatic detection, remote sensing, monitoring, precision agriculture, field crops
A ground-based remote-sensing feedback control system was developed in this study to monitor the advance of water down a furrow, and allow automatic control of the water discharge at the furrow inlet during furrow irrigation of Californian row crops. A camera, located at the field boundary, captured images of water flowing down a furrow during an irrigation event. The images were analyzed by a machine vision system to calculate the actual position of the leading edge of water. The feasibility of determining the position of the leading edge of water for row crop fields before and after crop emergence was demonstrated. The algorithm calculated the position of the leading edge of water with an average error of 1.2 m and standard deviation of 0.76 m.