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Effect of dialysis on quality characteristics of turkey semen during liquid storage

Iaffaldano, N., Meluzzi, A.
Theriogenology 2003 v.60 no.3 pp. 421-427
cold storage, dialysis, molecular weight, peroxides, sampling, seminal plasma, sperm motility, spermatozoa, toms, viability, zinc
Low molecular weight substances such as zinc and peroxides are present in seminal plasma and are responsible for deleterious effects in stored semen. On the contrary, molecules larger than 50kDa are beneficial to in-vitro storage of spermatozoa. Since the effects of different seminal plasma fractions in turkey semen are not completely known, the purpose of the study was to determine the effects of turkey semen dialysis with a 12-14kDa cut-off on viability, hypo-osmotic membrane integrity, or sperm motility of turkey spermatozoa stored up to 48h at 5°C. Twelve pools of semen, each pool originating from four toms, were used. Each pool was divided into two aliquots, one of which was dialyzed while the other represented the control. Each semen aliquot was evaluated for sperm viability, membrane integrity and motility after 6, 24 and 48h of in-vitro storage. Cold storage of turkey semen for 48h significantly worsened (P<0.01) sperm viability, hypo-osmotic membrane integrity, and sperm motility index of both control and dialyzed samples. After 24 and 48h sperm viability, membrane integrity and sperm motility index were better (P<0.01) in dialyzed semen compared to the control.