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Effect of Light Intensity, Temperature, Nitrogen, and Stage of Growth on Nitrate Accumulation and Dry Matter Production of a Sorghum-Sudangrass Hybrid

George, J. R., Rhykerd, C. L., Noller, C. H.
Agronomy journal 1971 v.63 no.3 pp. 413-415
botany, Plant Science and Plant Products
Two growth chamber experiments were conducted to study short- and long-term effects of environment and nitrogen on nitrate accumulation in the sorghum-sudangrass ‘Sudax SX-11.’ Plants receiving high rates of nitrogen and grown under 43 klux light intensity at 22.5 C increased nearly twofold in nitrate content overnight when moved to 4.3 kinx light intensity. Nitrate accumulation was progressively greater at high temperatures, and continued to increase during the next 7 days at high levels of nitrogen fertilization. In a second experiment, there was a decreasing trend in nitrate accumulation for plants grown under environmental regimes of 4.3 klux at 22.5 C, 4.3 klux at 30 C and 43 klux at 22.5 C. An extended period of cool temperature and low light intensity decreased dry matter production and increased nitrate accumulation. Although higher levels of nitrate were found to accumulate with increasing rates of nitrogen fertilization, the level of plant nitrate was observed to be lower at later stages of growth.