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Effects of Seasonal Timing of Competition on Grain Yield Components of Winter Barley

Green, J. T., Finkner, V. C., Duncan, W. G.
Agronomy journal 1971 v.63 no.3 pp. 469-472
botany, Plant Science and Plant Products
Grain yield components in a bordered row of winter barley (Hordeum vulgare, L. emend. Lam.), and rows from which the borders were removed (by hoeing) at various times in the growing season, were compared for two cultivars. The yield component, number of spikelets per-row-length, was responsive to the more favorable environment, resulting from removed borders, until two or three weeks before head emergence. After that, stage removal of bordering rows produced no response. Weekly border-row clipping, (removal of top growth and subsequent regrowth at weekly intervals), during the spring growing season did not increase this component. Only slight differences in average kernel weight resulted from different duration of border competition. Primary yield differences among treatments for both cultivars were due to number of heads per-unit-row-length and this was related to tiller mortality rather than the total number of tillers.