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Appetite Sensations in Pregnancy among Agropastoral Women in Rural Tanzania

Patil, Crystal L.
Ecology of food and nutrition 2012 v.51 no.5 pp. 431-443
anorexia, birth weight, children, food groups, nausea, neonates, pain, physicochemical properties, pregnancy, pregnant women, rural women, surveys, vomiting, Tanzania
Women all over the globe report physical and appetite sensations in early pregnancy, and this study contributes to this growing literature by reporting on the appetite sensations experienced by pregnant women from rural Tanzania. Appetite changes associated with 545 pregnancies were compiled from surveys conducted to report on the prevalence of appetite loss, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, joint pain, cravings, aversions, and pica experienced by agropastoral women from rural north-central Tanzania. In addition to these symptoms, specific craved and aversive food groups are described. Statistical associations among appetite sensations, NVP, and birthweight are tested. The only symptom associated with a lower average birth weight for newborns was vomiting. In addition to investigating micronutrient content and chemical properties of specific food and non-food items, future research should include assessing relationships among various appetite sensations and short- and long-term health outcomes for both the mother and child.