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In vitro antiviral activities of extracts derived from Daucus maritimus seeds

Miladi, S., Abid, N., Debarnôt, C., Damak, M., Canard, B., Aouni, M., Selmi, B.
Natural product research 2012 v.26 no.11 pp. 1027-1032
Daucus, Dengue virus, Hepatitis C virus, Human immunodeficiency virus, RNA, RNA-directed DNA polymerase, West Nile virus, antiviral properties, ethyl acetate, inhibitory concentration 50, seeds
The antiviral activities of extracts from Daucus maritimus seeds were investigated against the reverse transcriptase of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) type 1 and a panel of RNA-dependent RNA polymerases of dengue virus, West Nile virus (WNV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV). The extracts showed moderate to potent inhibition rates against the four viral polymerases. The ethyl acetate extract exhibited a potent inhibitory effect against WNV's RdRp, with an IC₅₀ value of 8 µg mL⁻¹. The F₂ fraction exhibited potent inhibitory activity against WNV and HCV's RdRps, with IC₅₀ values 1 and 5 µg mL⁻¹, respectively. The P₂ fraction also showed potent inhibitory effects on WNV and HCV's RdRps, with IC₅₀ values 2.7 and 4 µg mL⁻¹, respectively. The results suggest that these extracts are candidates for the development of new anti-WNV RpDp and anti-HCV RpDp agents.