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Influence of drying conditions on the quality of Origanum syriacum L.

Hanna Wakim, L., El Beyrouthy, M., Mnif, W., Dhifi, W., Salman, M., Bassal, A.
Natural product research 2013 v.27 no.15 pp. 1378-1387
Origanum, chemotypes, chlorophyll, diet, drying, ecotypes, flavor, ingredients, medicinal plants, temperature, Lebanon
The temperature and the speed of drying may affect the quality of the end product of medicinal plants. In addition, ecotypes and chemotypes could be factors influencing this quality. Thus, the aim of our study was to explore various techniques of drying of Origanum syriacum L., which is considered as a main ingredient in the Lebanese diet. For all these reasons, we decided to study two types of O. syriacum originating from Rkai and Ibrine regions on which analyses were carried out. In view of our results, a moderate temperature, in the absence of light, is more favourable for the safeguarding of the flavours and chlorophylls. On the other hand, these conditions seem to be unsuitable for other substances. In order to clarify the optimal conditions for drying of O. syriacum to lead to a product of quality, the choice of a technique of suitable dehydration seems to be delicate.