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Gene expression during induction of somatic embryogenesis in carrot cell suspensions

Aleith, F., Richter, G.
Planta 1991 v.183 no.1 pp. 17-24
Daucus carota, somatic embryogenesis, embryo (plant), gene expression, genes, messenger RNA, complementary DNA, nucleotide sequences, plant proteins, molecular conformation, cell suspension culture, amino acid sequences, transcription (genetics), protein secondary structure
We report the identification, via their cDNAs, of genes which are temporarily transcribed during the initiation of somatic embryogenesis in carrot (Daucus carota L.) cells cultured in an auxin-free medium. Their expression is roughly associated with the first morphogenetic, or globular, stage. A cDNA library (lambda gt 10) was established using poly(A)+-rich RNAs from cells deprived of auxin for 8 d. By differential screening a number of clones corresponding to early-induced embryogenic genes were identified. For several a temporary accumulation of the specific mRNA between 6 and 16 d after induction was observed. With regard to the nucleotide sequence and the respective deduced amino-acid sequence, two glycine-rich proteins and a polypeptide with a proline-rich domain were among the products of genes activated at the onset of somatic embryogenesis.