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Meat, Milk and Risk of Lymphoid Malignancies: A Case-Control Study in Uruguay

De Stefani, Eduardo, Ronco, Alvaro L., Deneo-Pellegrini, Hugo, Boffetta, Paolo, Correa, Pelayo, Barrios, Enrique, Acosta, Gisele, Mendilaharsu, María
Nutrition and cancer 2013 v.65 no.3 pp. 375-383
case-control studies, confidence interval, etiology, food frequency questionnaires, fruits, neoplasms, red meat, red wines, risk, vegetables, whole milk, Uruguay
In the time period 1996–2004, 697 cases with lymphoid neoplasms and 3606 controls with nonneoplastic conditions were included in a case-control study conducted in the Cancer Institute of Uruguay. They were administered a routine questionnaire that included 8 sections and a food frequency questionnaire focused on intakes of total meat, red meat, salted meat, barbecued meat, processed meat, milk, total vegetables and total fruits, and alcoholic beverages. Lymphoid cancers were analyzed by multiple polytomous regression. Red meat, salted meat, and milk were positively associated with risk of lymphoid cancers [odds ratios (OR) for the highest tertile vs. the lowest one of red meat = 1.68, 95% confidence interval (CI) 1.37–2.08, OR for whole milk = 2.92, 95% CI 2.63–3.63). On the other hand, plant foods, particularly total fruits, and alcoholic beverages (mainly red wine) were protective. We could conclude that these foods could play a significant role in the etiology of lymphoid malignancies.