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The influence of polyamines on apricot ovary development and fruit set

Alburquerque, N., Egea, J., Burgos, L., MartÍnez-Romero, D., Valero, D., Serrano, M.
Annals of applied biology 2006 v.149 no.1 pp. 27-33
apricots, cultivars, flowering, fruit set, ovarian development, ovules, putrescine, spermidine, spermine
Polyamine (PA) concentrations of ovaries of two apricot cultivars, 'S405-17' and 'Bergeron', collected at three stages of floral development, were analysed. The relationships between PA profiles, ovule development and fruit load between the two apricot cultivars were also determined. We show that PA levels vary with ovary development, depending on the cultivar. Higher concentrations of putrescine (PUT), spermidine and spermine were found in S405-17 cultivar at all phenological stages. In addition, S405-17 cultivar had more developed ovules and a higher fruit load than Bergeron. Moreover, the exogenous application of 10 mM PUT in Bergeron increased the percentage of functional ovules from 17.1% (control) to 33.3%. These results prove the effects of PAs on ovary development and indicate the possible improvement of apricot ovule development by their exogenous application. All these results define the relationship between PA content and ovule development in apricot. Further studies would confirm the use of free endogenous PA concentrations as markers of the developmental stage of the ovary, because determination of PA contents is easier and faster than serial sectioning.