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Citrus pulp as an ingredient in ostrich diet: effects on meat quality

Lanza, M., Fasone, V., Galofaro, V., Barbagallo, D., Bella, M., Pennisi, P.
Meat science 2004 v.68 no.2 pp. 269-275
ostriches, poultry feeding, feeds, citrus pulp, feed supplements, feed additives, feed composition, feed intake, poultry carcasses, skeletal muscle, carcass weight, carcass composition, lipid content, crude protein, crude fiber, ash content, pH, cooking quality, meat quality, fatty acid composition
The purpose of this trial was to study the effects of citrus pulp inclusion in ostrich diets on meat quality, evaluated on iliofibularis and gastrocnemius muscles. M. iliofibularis had a lower ultimate pH (P<0.05) and was lighter in colour (P<0.05) than M. gastrocnemius. The latter had higher moisture (P<0.05) and lower crude protein contents (P<0.05) as compared to M. iliofibularis. M. gastrocnemius had a lower proportion of C14:0 (P<0.05), C16:0 (P<0.05) and C16:1 (P<0.05) and a higher percentage of C18:0 (P<0.05), C20:2omega6 (P<0.05), C20:4omega6 (P<0.05) and C20:5omega3 (P<0.05) than M. iliofibularis. Citrus pulp diet increased (P<0.05) meat ultimate pH and reduced cooking losses (P<0.05) as compared to the control diet. Meat from animals given citrus pulp had lower crude fat (P<0.05) and ash percentages (P<0.05) in comparison to that from the control group. The proportions of intramuscular saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids were lower (P<0.05) in the citrus pulp group as compared to the control one. Meat from the citrus pulp treatment group had a higher (P<0.05) percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids than meat from the control treatment. In particular, meat from ostriches given citrus pulp diet exhibited higher C18:2omega6 (P<0.05) and C20:4omega6 (P<0.05) contents that accounted for a higher omega6/omega3 ratio (P<0.05) as compared to the control group. Overall, the use of a citrus pulp-included diet in ostrich feeding did not adversely affect meat quality and, therefore, citrus pulp seems to be a possible ingredient to reduce feeding costs.