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Predicting the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed in meat

Jakobsen, M., Bertelsen, G.
Meat science 2004 v.68 no.4 pp. 603-610
headspace analysis, pork, longissimus dorsi, lean meat, minced meat, pH, water content, lipid content, solubility, food packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, carbon dioxide, storage temperature, meat quality, atmospheric pressure, prediction
Carbon dioxide is commonly used in modified atmosphere packaging of meat and the gas is highly soluble in meat. Both intrinsic (pH, water and fat content) and extrinsic (CO2 partial pressure, headspace to meat volume ratio and storage temperature) factors affect the amount of CO2 absorbed in meat. A multi factorial packaging experiment using minced pork was carried out in order to evaluate the effect of such factors under realistic conditions and to develop models for prediction of the amount of absorbed CO2. For most practical applications CO2 partial pressure and headspace to meat volume ratio are the key factors determining CO2 absorption in meat. For volume ratios of more than 2 L gas/kg meat, knowledge of the partial pressure of CO2 was sufficient to predict the amount of absorbed CO2.