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Colour changes and consumer acceptability of bulk packaged pork retail cuts stored under O2, CO2 and N2

Buys, E.M.
Meat science 2004 v.68 no.4 pp. 641-647
headspace analysis, pork, chops, raw meat, volume, food packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, food storage, refrigeration, storage time, shelf life, meat quality, color, consumer acceptance, food acceptability
A centralised bulk packaging technique, utilising various gas mixtures, c. 100% CO2 + oxygen scavenger, c. 80% O2:20% CO2 and c. 25% CO2:50% N2:25% O2, was evaluated in terms of consumer acceptability and colour. The inclusion of an oxygen scavenger ensured that pork retail chops bulk packaged in a 100% CO2 were as acceptable after 0, and 14 days bulk storage and subsequent retail display than chops stored in oxygen-enriched atmospheres. The study also indicated that a saturation level of 10 and higher indicated that the appearance of the pork chop was acceptable to the consumer panel. From the results of this study it is apparent that consumers find pork retail packs, bulk packaged in oxygen depleted atmospheres, as acceptable as pork chops stored in oxygen enriched atmospheres.