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Inheritance of a One-Seeded Pod Trait in Peanut

Branch, William D.
Journal of heredity 2008 v.99 no.2 pp. 221-222
Arachis hypogaea, crossing, peanuts, recessive genes, seeds, Georgia
Normally, the cultivated peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) has predominantly 2 seeds per pod or more. Two seeds per pod are predominantly found in A. hypogaea L. subsp. hypogaea var. hypogaea (the botanical classification of the US runner and virginia market types) and in subsp. fastigiata var. vulgaris (the US spanish market type); whereas, predominantly 3 or more seeds per pod are found in subsp. fastigiata vars. fastigiata (the US valencia market type), peruviana (not marketed in the United States), and aequatoriana (not marketed in the United States), and in subsp. hypogaea var. hirsuta (not marketed in the United States). However, recently, predominantly 1 seed per pod selections were found within a Georgia cross population. Crosses involving the 1-seeded pod selection were made to determine its inheritance. The F₁, F₂, and F₃ data indicated that any 2 of 3 duplicate recessive genes designated, osp₁, osp₂, and osp₃, control the 1-seeded pod trait in peanut.