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Macronutrients Composition of Lettuce Plants (Lactuca sativa L.) as Affected by Mineral Nutrition Level and ION Exchange Substrate Biona-312 Supplementation

Matraszek, Renata
Journal of plant nutrition 2015 v.38 no.8 pp. 1158-1195
Lactuca sativa var. capitata, calcium, electrical conductivity, ion exchange, leaves, lettuce, magnesium, nitrogen, nutrient content, nutrient solutions, phosphorus, potassium, roots, sulfur
The effect of ion exchange substrate Biona-312 addition (2 or 5%) on the macronutrients composition of butterhead lettuce cv. ‘Justyna’ plants under conditions of basic (1.5-times) and intensive (3-times concentrated Hoagland solution) mineral nutrition level was investigated. Both experimental doses of Biona-312 introduced into 1.5-times concentrated Hoagland nutrient solution [electrical conductivity (EC) 2.41–2.47 dS m ⁻¹] dropped nitrogen (N) content in roots. Simultaneously statistically proven increase in foliar concentration of total sulfur (S) as well as a decrease in phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) contents in lettuce above- and underground organs were observed. The changes in calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) content were insignificant. Ion exchange substrate supplementation into 3-times concentrated Hoagland nutrient solution (EC 6.85–7.30 dS m ⁻¹), significantly elevated N and K contents in above- and underground organs, raised the foliar S content, decreased Ca and Mg contents in leaves, as well as dropped P concentration in roots and increased content in leaves.