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Beneficial effects of enhanced aeration using perfluorodecalin in Yarrowia lipolytica cultures for lipase production

Amaral, Priscilla F. Fonseca, Almeida, Ana Paula R. de, Peixoto, Tathiana, Rocha-Leão, Maria Helena M., Coutinho, João A. P., Coelho, Maria Alice Z.
World journal of microbiology & biotechnology 2007 v.23 no.3 pp. 339-344
Yarrowia lipolytica, aeration, agitation, biomass, culture media, fermentation, oxygen, perfluorocarbons, secretion, specific growth rate, yeasts
The inadequate supply of oxygen to biomass is a critical factor to the productivity of most aerobic submerged fermentations. This happens because oxygen is sparingly soluble in the aqueous media. The use of a second liquid phase of perfluorocarbon (PFC), an oxygen-carrying compound, in the culture medium can increase the availability of oxygen to the microorganisms. The effect of perfluorodecalin on Yarrowia lipolytica cultures was investigated in shake-flask cultures. It was found that the specific growth rate of Y. lipolytica, a strictly aerobic yeast, increases with increasing PFC concentration. Extracellular lipase production was increased with 20% (v/v) of PFC and agitation of 250 rev/min. It was shown that the PFC presence benefitted lipase production and not just its secretion to the extracellular medium.