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A web-based decision support system for slopeland hazard warning

Fan-Chieh, Yu, Chien-Yuan, Chen, Sheng-Chi, Lin, Yu-Ching, Lin, Shang-Yu, Wu, Kei-Wai, Cheung
Environmental monitoring and assessment 2007 v.127 no.1-3 pp. 419-428
Internet, algorithms, computer software, databases, decision support systems, experts, geographic information systems, landslides, radar, rain, streams
A WebGIS decision support system for slopeland hazard warning based on real-time monitored rainfall is introduced herein. This paper presents its framework, database, processes of setting up the threshold line for debris flow triggering and the calculation algorithm implemented in the system. The web-based GIS via the Microsoft Internet Explorer is designed for analysis of areas prone to debris flows outburst and landslides during torrential rain. Its function is to provide suggestions to commander for immediate response to the possibility of slopeland hazards, and determine if pre-evacuation is necessary. The defining characteristics of the internet-based decision support system is not to automatically show the dangerous areas but acts as part of the decision process via information collection to help experts judge the prone debris flow creeks and the tendency of landslides initiation. The combination with real-time rainfall estimation by the QPESUMS radar system is suggested for further enhancement.