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Nutrigenomics: a case study in the measurement of insect response to nutritional quality

Coudron, Thomas A., Yocum, George D., Brandt, Sandra L.
Entomologia experimentalis et applicata 2006 v.121 no.1 pp. 1-14
insect nutrition, optimal nutrition, experimental diets, microarray technology, biomarkers, nutrigenomics, nutritive value, Perillus bioculatus, insect rearing, genetic markers
Recent developments in the area of nutrigenomics hold the promise of providing valuable information about the impact of nutrition on a wide range of biochemical parameters by investigating how nutrition alters global gene expression patterns. Our goal is to use a nutrigenomics approach to identify insect molecular markers that could be used as early indicators of insect responses to different nutritional sources. Such molecular markers could be chosen for degree of expression and evaluated for suitability as nutritional biomarkers by examining developmental and generational expression. Ideal markers would be highly expressed, manifested in the first generation within one developmental stage, and consistent over many generations. Our objective for the current study was to illustrate the potential discovery of molecular markers using Perillus bioculatus (F.) (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae), when reared on an optimal vs. suboptimal diet, and analyze the presence of differentially expressed genes resulting from those treatments. In this paper we present preliminary results of microarray and subtractive hybridization experiments that represent the feasibility of using nutrigenomics to assist in analyzing insect responses to nutritional changes and dietary quality with the intent of stimulating further studies in this area.