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Multidisciplinary integrated methodology in the vegetal restoration of the Giardino Dei Cedrati in Villa Dora Pamphilj, Rome

Chilosi, G., Biasi, R., Marucci, A., Bonacquisti, S., Bazzoni, P., Bondi, M., Cruciani, D., Ianni, A., Mini, C., Pallottino, S., Perduto, A.I., Lisi, O., Sterpone, P., Benocci, C.
Acta horticulturae 2010 no.881 pp. 1039-1042
gardens, greenhouses, risk, vegetation
The recovery, restoration and management of historical green spaces require an integrated approach among different professional areas. The multidisciplinary approach provides new insights into the conservation value of restored and remnant vegetation according to the historical evolution of the garden, taking into account the prospects for proper maintaining and management. The study of vegetal restoration of the Giardino dei Cedrati in Villa Doria Pamphilj (Rome), expresses the result of harmonious integration and synergy among diverse disciplines. This important area has changed over time with an integration of forms, species of plants, features, colours, pathways, spaces of aggregation. However, over the years this space has been left to progressive abandon with the risk to lose the garden identity. The scientific project was therefore based on a detailed study of each of the components as part of an organic unification of the Giardino dei Cedrati and the interaction with Villa Doria Pamphilj's to which it belongs. Finally, alternative proposals concerning the maintenance and management were presented and compared, including i) minimum intervention, ii) partial revival of the original plan, iii) restoration and reuse of semi-underground greenhouses, iv) integration of ii) and iii) plans.