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Relationship between duration of exposure and anxiolytic-like effects of essential oil from Alpinia zerumbet

Satou, Tadaaki, Kasuya, Hikaru, Takahashi, Mizuho, Murakami, Shio, Hayashi, Shinichiro, Sadamoto, Kiyomi, Koike, Kazuo
Flavour and fragrance journal 2011 v.26 no.3 pp. 180-185
Alpinia zerumbet, air, breathing, essential oils, exposure duration, mice
Several reports have described the relationship between the quantity of an essential oil (EO), delivered by injection, and the effects on emotional behaviour. However, few studies have examined the relationship between the duration of EO inhalation and effects on emotional behaviour. It is necessary to clarify this relationship to accomplish effective utilization of an EO. Therefore, we aimed to clarify the relationship between EO inhalation time and anxiolytic-like effects. The anxiolytic-like effect of inhaled EO at various administration times was examined in normal healthy mice using the elevated-plus maze (EPM) test. The effect of a dose of 3.5 mg/l air of Alpinia zerumbet EO was assessed using the EPM test. A time-dependent potentiation in the anxiolytic-like effect was observed when the inhalation time was altered from 0 to 120 min. A significant (P < 0.05 compared to time 0) anxiolytic-like effect was observed to peak at inhalation times of 90 and 120 min. However, the anxiolytic-like effect returned to normal with a 150-min exposure. There was an optimal time of EO inhalation for expressing an anxiolytic-like effect.