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Statistical theory of linear adsorption capillary chromatography with porous-layer stationary phase

Chen, Yinliang
Journal of chromatography 2011 v.1218 no.26 pp. 4009-4024
adsorption, chromatography, computer software, desorption, equations, probability, solutes
A set of accurate expressions of elution-curve moments are derived from the moments of residence time and displacement in a step based on probability theory. Then the problems about residence time and displacement in a step of a solute molecule in the porous layer of capillary columns and in the moving mobile phase are described by a set of mass-balance equations respectively. The set of equations are solved in Fourier–Laplace domain, and the characteristic functions of residence time of a step, as well as the moments, are obtained by means of computing software Mathematica. At last, using numerical inverse Laplace transform, the elution curves for various conditions are calculated. In the case of large desorption constant the results entirely coincide with those of mass-balance-equation theory and in the case of small desorption constant they are equivalent to those of stochastic theory.