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Cluster and Berry Characteristics of Flame Seedless Grapes under Different Environmental Conditions in Egypt

Hegazi, Abdelal, Sallam, Abd El-Kader
Acta horticulturae 2003 no.603 pp. 201-204
budbreak, clay soils, environmental factors, grapes, markets, small fruits, vines, Egypt, United States
The present investigation was carried out to evaluate the behaviour of Flame Seedless grapevines cv under two locations of different environment. This cv was recently introduced from USA and became popular in Egypt for its qualities as a table grape for local market and export. The objective of the study was to continue the determination of the adaptability and productivity of this cv under different environmental conditions. Observations showed great environmental effects on many characteristics. Clusters differed greatly in the two locations under study. Considerable variability was found in date of bud break, maturity period, number of bunches/vine bunch & berry size, yield, SSC and colour of berries. Grapes from the desert location are far superior in al the above mentioned characteristics compared to those obtained from the vines grown in the Nile Delta clay soil. These results suggest the adaptability of this cv to certain environment.