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5S rDNA variation and its phylogenetic inference in the genus Leporinus (Characiformes: Anostomidae)

Ferreira, Irani A, Oliveira, Claudio, Venere, Paulo C, Galetti, Pedro M Jr, Martins, Cesar
Genetica 2007 v.129 no.3 pp. 253-257
Leporinus, cytogenetics, fish, genetic markers, genome, phylogeny, repetitive sequences, ribosomal DNA, ribosomal RNA
5S rDNA sequences have proven to be valuable as genetic markers to distinguish closely related species and also in the understanding of the dynamic of repetitive sequences in the genomes. In the aim to contribute to the knowledge of the evolutionary history of Leporinus (Anostomidae) and also to contribute to the understanding of the 5S rDNA sequences organization in the fish genome, analyses of 5S rDNA sequences were conducted in seven species of this genus. The 5S rRNA gene sequence was highly conserved among Leporinus species, whereas NTS exhibit high levels of variations related to insertions, deletions, microrepeats, and base substitutions. The phylogenetic analysis of the 5S rDNA sequences clustered the species into two clades that are in agreement with cytogenetic and morphological data.