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Use of dairy proteins in lean poultry meat batters - a comparative study

Barbut, Shai, Choy, Valerie
International journal of food science & technology 2007 v.42 no.4 pp. 453-458
batters, breast meat, caseinates, chickens, cooking quality, cost analysis, dairy protein, hardness, ingredients, microscopy, poultry meat, protein content, skim milk, whey, whole milk
The use of dry whole milk, skimmed milk, caseinate, regular and modified whey, at 2% level (w/w) and with 2% additional protein level was studied in a chicken breast meat system with 51% water addition. At the 2% (w/w) level, all dairy proteins significantly reduced cooking loss compared with the control, with caseinate showing the best results. When compared on an equal protein level (2% total protein), the best performing ingredients were the whole milk and modified whey. A similar observation was made in their effect on the products' hardness and fracturability. A cost analysis revealed that modified whey provided the most economical ingredient even when used in quantities three times greater than that of as caseinate. Microscopy results showed the formation of larger fine-protein-matrix regions in the treatments that provided higher fracturability values.