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Effects of fibre on digestibility and passage time in Callithricidae

Krombach, F., Flurer, C., Zucker, H.
Laboratory animals 1984 v.18 no.3 pp. 275-279
diet, Callitrichidae, crude fiber, digestibility, food intake, feces
The effects of fibre in a pelleted diet on food intake, digestibility of crude fibre, dry matter and energy, on passage time and consistency of faeces were studied in 2 species of Callithricidae, Callithrix jacchus and Saguinus fuscicollis. Coarse cellulose, microcellulose, wheat bran and shrimp meal (chitin = crude fibre) were tested in diets containing 2, 4 and 6% total crude fibre, respectively. Digestibility and passage time were determined by inclusion of 0·5% Cr₂O₃ in the diet. Both celluloses had little influence on the digestibility of energy and dry matter. Digestibility of crude fibre was very low. Wheat bran led to evident depression of energy and dry matter digestibility. High digestibility of crude fibre occurred at the higher levels of inclusion in the diet. Shrimp meal was highly digested with little influence on digestibility of energy and dry matter, indicating considerable degradation of chitin. Wheat bran showed a marked effect, while microcellulose had no effect on passage time, consistency and volume of faeces.