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Integrating both nuclear and cytoplasmic genetic information into a high genomic coverage conservation approach for Actinidia

Huang, Hongwen
Acta horticulturae 2003 no.610 pp. 87-93
Actinidia, genes, genetic variation, geographical distribution, germplasm, germplasm conservation, industry, kiwifruit, China
The genus Actinidia has a remarkably wide geographic distribution in eastern Asia, with the natural distribution of most taxa of Actinidia centered in south central and southeast China. Currently, 66 species and about 118 taxa are recognized within the genus. Conserving genetic resource of Actinidia is a vital issue for the sustainability of the world kiwifruit industry. One obvious problem associated with Actinidia repositories is the lack of genetic diversity contained within each species as a result of poor initial sampling and maintenance of living collections. The urgent need to improve the integrity and efficiency of Actinidia genetic conservation and germplasm management has compelled us to formulate a more objective and scientific approach to genetic resource sampling and germplasm management. This paper reviews the status of Actinidia genetic resources and progress in the evaluation of the genetic diversity and proposes a new integrated approach for high genomic coverage conservation and outlines the need to expand our current conservation practice using molecular marker based evaluation, which focuses mainly on nuclear genomes, to an integrated approach considering both nuclear and cytoplasmic gene pools.