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Laparoscopic-assisted enterostomy tube placement and full-thickness biopsy of the jejunum with serosal patching in dogs

Rawlings, Clarence A., Howerth, Elizabeth W., Bement, Shannon, Canalis, Chanda
American journal of veterinary research 2002 v.63 no.9 pp. 1313-1319
biopsy, dogs, duodenum, jejunum, laparotomy, muscles, sutures, tube feeding, umbilicus
Objective-To develop laparoscopic-assisted techniques for enterostomy feeding tube placement and full-thickness biopsy of the jejunum in dogs. Animals-15 healthy dogs. Procedure-Dogs were anesthetized, and positive pressure ventilation was provided. A trocar cannula for the laparoscope was inserted on the ventral midline caudal to the umbilicus. For enterostomy tube placement, a second trocar cannula was placed lateral to the right rectus abdominis muscle, and a Babcock forceps was used to grasp the duodenum and elevate it to the incision made for the cannula. The duodenum was sutured to the abdominal wall, and a feeding tube was inserted. For jejunal biopsy, a third trocar cannula was placed lateral to the left rectus abdominis muscle. A portion of jejunum was elevated to the incision for the second or third cannula, and a full-thickness biopsy specimen was obtained. A second specimen was obtained from another portion of jejunum, and retention sutures for the 2 biopsy sites were tied so that serosal surfaces of the biopsy sites were apposed to each other. Dogs were euthanatized 30 days after surgery. Results-The enterostomy tube was properly positioned and functional in all 8 dogs that underwent laparoscopic-assisted enterostomy tube placement, and sufficient samples for histologic examination were obtained from all 7 dogs that underwent laparoscopic-assisted jejunal biopsy. None of the dogs had any identifiable problems after surgery. Conclusion and Clinical Relevance-Results suggest that in dogs, laparoscopic-assisted procedures for enterostomy tube placement and jejunal biopsy are an acceptable alternative to procedures performed during a laparotomy.