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Pistachio nut growing in the Mediterranean basin

Kaska, N.
Acta horticulturae 2002 no.591 pp. 443-455
Pistacia, alternate bearing, arid lands, cooling, cross pollination, drought tolerance, ecology, farmers, hulling, irrigation, pistachios, surface area, Syria, Tunisia
The emphasis placed on pistachio nuts by the Mediterranean basin countries is gradually increasing. Not only has production increased rapidly during the last two decades, but yield and surface area devoted to the pistachio nut have also increased. The existence of Pistacia wild species, suitable ecology, as well as the potential for inter- and intra-specific budding and cross-pollination and fertilization are good signs of the possibilities of pistachio nut growing in this area. On the other hand, the extreme drought resistance of Pistacia spp. enables farmers in arid and semi-arid lands to grow this nut without irrigation. Good examples are found in southeast Anatolia, Syria, Tunisia, etc. However, there are serious problems to be solved concerning propagation, pollination, alternate bearing, dehulling, splitting, chilling and growing degree hours, etc. for the successful production of this valuable nut.