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Storage of 'Conference' pear in low ethylene atmosphere

Testoni, A., Lovati, F., Grassi, M., Lo Scalzo, R.
Acta horticulturae 2002 no.596 pp. 895-898
acetaldehyde, acidity, color, ethanol, ethylene, firmness, fruits, juiciness, pears, postharvest diseases, shelf life, soluble solids
'Conference' pears picked in a commercial orchard were sorted, randomised and stored in two different commercial CA rooms. One of them was equipped with a catalytic converter to remove ethylene. At harvest a sample of 20 fruits was evaluated for quality and 30 boxes were prepared for each storage room and used for quality evaluation during storage and for decay measurement at the end of storage. From mid-December to mid-May, a box of fruit was removed monthly from each CA and evaluated for quality immediately and after 5 days of shelf life. Internal ethylene, skin colour, firmness, juiciness, soluble solids, acidity, ethanol and acetaldehyde were measured. At the end of storage the number of rotted and scalded fruit were recorded. Results showed the ineffectiveness of low ethylene storage in controlling the ripeness of 'Conference' pears or in maintaining better quality after storage and after shelf life.