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Field performance and fruit quality of scab resistant apple cultivars in the Lombardia (Italy) region

Eccher, T., Folini, L., Tonesi, R.
Acta horticulturae 2002 no.595 pp. 149-154
apples, branching, business enterprises, color, cultivars, field experimentation, flowering, fruit quality, fruit set, fruits, leaves, planting, ripening, shoots, trees, vigor, Italy
Two experimental fields have been planted in Lombardia with scab resistant apple cultivars, one in the plane, in the Po valley (Lodi province) at 85 m above sea level, the other in Valtellina at 400 m above sea level. Eleven cultivars (Brina, Baujade, Enterprise, Golden Lasa, Golden Mira, Golden Orange, Gold Rush, Nova, Primiera, Sir Prize and Topaz) are present in both localities, five more (Criterion, Harmony Delorina, Red Early, Summerfree and Sansa) are present only at Arcagna, while seven more are present only in Valtellina (Florina, Freedom, Prima, Rajka, Rubinola, Rosana, Otava). In the Valtellina orchard there are also thirteen new cultivars not yet commercially available (CLR13T40, CLR13T45, CLR20T14, CLR20T22, CQR10T17, HER4T175, Pri Coop 11, Pri Coop 17, Pri Coop 25, Pri Coop 34, Pri 2463/101, Pri 75 441/67, PSER11T27). In both localities observations were made on the agronomic behaviour of trees (vigour and branching of shoots, susceptibility to scab or to other pathologies of leaves or fruits, fruit set, fruit bearing, etc.); phenological phases (time of budding, flowering, ripening of fruits) were recorded; fruit morphological characteristics (weight, shape, colour, skin russeting etc.) were observed at harvest. Fruits were moreover analyzed at harvest and after storage for chemical and physical characteristics. Observations on performance of cultivars and fruit quality are shown and discussed. The eleven cultivars common to both localities are compared as regards the quality of fruits grown in different environments.