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Ampelographic differentation of 'Tempranillo' clones from different area of origin, according to their synonyms

Rubio, J.A., Yuste, J.
Acta horticulturae 2004 no.652 pp. 73-79
clones, grapes, pH, statistical analysis
The morphological characteristics of a group of certified clones belonging to Tempranillo variety and two Tempranillo synonyms, ‘Tinta del país’ and ‘Tinta de Toro’, have been studied. The comparison trial of the clones was established in the same plot where the same growing techniques are applied. 6 certified clones of ‘Tinta del país’, 6 of ‘Tinta de Toro’ and 5 of Tempranillo selected on their area of origin, the Appellations of Origin Ribera del Duero, Toro and Rioja respectively, were studied.The ampelographic description was made using 53 ampelographic characters recommended by the O.I.V. during 2001 and 2002. On the other hand, the main parameters of the must were analyzed at harvest. A cluster statistical analysis was made throughout the “unweighted pair-group method analysis” method and the corresponding dendrogram elaborated. The results show the grouping of the clones in 4 clusters. A closer similarity is shown in three of the clusters among clones of each studied variety with some of the other clones, than among clones of the same population. The fourth cluster is composed only by Tempranillo of ‘Rioja’ clones, which are morphologically closer between them than to the rest of the clones. The ‘Tinta de Toro’ and especially the ‘Tinta del país’ clones maintain a close similarity with other clones independently belonging to one or another population, whereas the ‘Tempranillo’ of ‘Rioja’ clones are closer between themselves according to the ampelographic parameters. A higher morphological diversity (with minimum differences) is noticed in ‘Tinta del País’ and ‘Tinta de Toro’ clones than in ‘Tempranillo of Rioja clones. The grape shows similar characteristics in the different clones studied at harvest, although the ‘Tempranillo of Rioja’ clones have a slightly higher pH than the others.