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Food marketing in the function of tourist product development

Meler, Marcel, CerovicĀ“, Zdenko
British food journal 2003 v.105 no.3 pp. 175-192
beverages, food marketing, humans, labor, product development, Croatia
A tourist product should be observed as a total, i.e. integral, one, comprising material (goods) and immaterial (services) partial tourist products and partial tourist quasi-products (being the results of a primary tourist offer that is not a result of human labor). The main idea of food marketing in foodstuff production, if observed as partial tourist products, implies that a guest, i.e. a tourist product consumer, is not only offered food and beverage as partial tourist products but that he also gets satisfied quantitatively, qualitatively, esthetically, ethnologically, gastronomically and in any other sense, including the accompanying immaterial partial tourist products, i.e. services, which will be eventually manifested in an increase in the room-and-board and, especially, secondary expenditures. Since the whole problem is analyzed using the example of the Republic of Croatia, simultaneously proposed are corresponding solutions in the field of food marketing that would be in the function of tourist product development.