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The impact of food safety and animal welfare policies on supply chain management: The case of the Tesco meat supply chain

Lindgreen, Adam, Hingley, Martin
British food journal 2003 v.105 no.6-7 pp. 328-349
animal welfare, animals, business enterprises, feeds, food industry, food safety, guidelines, issues and policy, meat, supply chain
The European food sector has been hit by a number of serious consumer scares over the past decades. Often, the concerned companies have failed to give appropriate and immediate information to consumers. This article discusses the measures that one food company - Tesco - has taken. Its approach deals with setting up effective guidelines for managing its relationships with meat suppliers. These guidelines make it possible for Tesco to inform consumers appropriately and immediately about serious food scares and to address consumers’ concerns over animal welfare and environmental issues. The article also describes how the meat supplier-Tesco relationships are being evaluated using the so-called key performance indicator process. Specific initiatives include different animal, feeds and medicines policies, as well as meat assurance schemes; these policies and schemes have been implemented by both Tesco and the meat suppliers. The benefits of Tesco’s approach to its suppliers and consumers are considered and include the ability to deliver higher value products. The article suggests a number of avenues for future research.