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Genetic variability of cardoon populations evaluated using RAPD

Itoiz, R., Chocarro, A., Royo, J.B.
Acta horticulturae 2004 no.660 pp. 249-252
Cynara cardunculus, cardoons, cluster analysis, cultivars, genetic variation, germplasm, interspecific variation, random amplified polymorphic DNA technique
Determination for the genetic variability on species such as cardoon (Cynara cardunculus L.) allow the evaluation of their aptitude in genetic improve, and so shorten the time needed in the process. In this work 17 local population were evaluated, 13 from the germplasm bank located in Zaragoza and 4 selections from "Verde de Peralta". Analysis was performed trough 80 RAPD markers. Population homogeneity was fairly high: intra-cultivar similarity was above 0.83 except for 'Sin Pincho' from Segovia, and in the 'Selección 1er año ITGA' from Navarre. The latter cultivar was selected according to industrial criteria and in the second year of improvement their homogeneity was similar to the rest, so that characters used in the selection were genetically regulated. Inter-cultivar variability suggests that this specie is fairly homogeneous. Cluster analysis showed three well-defined groups, one including all the cultivars from the mid-Ebro Valley, a second one with segovian populations and a third with the rest.