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Effects of water and nitrogen fertilization on seed-grown globe artichoke

Pomares, F., Baixauli, C., Aguilar, J.M., Giner, A., Tarazona, F., Gómez, J., Albiach, R.
Acta horticulturae 2004 no.660 pp. 303-309
artichokes, cultivars, evaporation, fertilizer rates, furrows, gibberellic acid, microirrigation, nitrogen fertilizers, nutrient uptake, water use efficiency
A field trial of irrigation and four trials of nitrogen fertilization were conducted at the experimental station of the Fundación Caja Rural Valencia in Paiporta, Valencia, during the season 2001-2002. The effects of three water rates (75, 100 and 125% crop evaporation, ETcrop) (4104, 5475 and 7265 m3/ha) on drip irrigated artichoke 'Imperial Star' were studied. The yield increased up to the intermediate water rate. The water use efficiency was very influenced by the water rate. On the other hand, the effects of four N fertilization rates on two cultivars of artichokes ('Imperial Star' and 'Nun 7144') were evaluated under furrow and drip irrigation, combinated with and without gibberellic acid (GA3) The N fertilization did not affect the yield of the two cultivars in both managements. But the GA(3) treated plants produced higher early and total yield. The ranges of nutrient uptake by ‘Imperial Star’ were 388-625 kg N/ha, 87-153 kg P(2)O(5)/ha and 631-914 kg K(2)O/ha.